The education course 340-1 provided me with many rich reading and writing assignments that increased my educational pedagogical knowledge and teaching practices. Within the course we analyzed educational research as it applied to the teaching of algebra and geometry. One of the course assignments was to analyze a strand of the new Common Core State Standards (CCSS) for high school mathematics. I selected to research and learn about the new high school functions standards.

The paper provides an overview of the CCSS, analyzes the major differences between the CCSS and the current California Standards, and finally it examines each of the functions standards. The main goal of the paper was to connect the function standards to educational research and thus validate their educational importance. Furthermore, the curricular implications and possible effects of the standards are examined throughout the paper.

This assignment improved awareness of the CCSS and made me an educational leader in my educational institution since I was one of the few that had some knowledge of the CCSS. At this point in time, most teachers had heard of them but few had taken the time to read about them. It also affected my teaching practices as I made it a point to start preparing my self for the change by teaching more concepts conceptually and to emphasize the study and importance of functions when appropriate.