The Education 340 course of Claremont Graduate University provided many rich theoretical reading materials and meaningful writing assignments. The assignment that improved the writers’ educational pedagogical knowledge the most, was a written assignment that involved analyzing the three major learning theories the in teaching mathematics.

The paper analyzed constructivism, sociocultural, and habits of mind, which are identified by educational experts as the three major learning theories. The similarities, differences, and areas of compatibility between the three theories previously mentioned were identified. Moreover, the paper attempted to demonstrate how the three learning theories support and compliment each other. Finally, the writer stated the implications of his findings in regards to his own teaching practices.

This specific assignment impacted the author tremendously for he realized how much his teaching credential program had underprepared him for the teaching profession. He realized that most of what he learned in the credential program dealt with classroom management and lesson preparation, which are all important elements of the teaching profession; but it was evident that a vast hole existed in his knowledge of educational theories.  After completing this assignment, the writer became more methodical when lesson planning. Furthermore, the three learning theories became a guide for his teaching practices from a curriculum, lesson delivery, and creation of lessons point of view. As a result of this assignment, the writer created the following professional goals for his teaching practices: First, he would strive to learn the mathematical knowledge of his students to adapt his teaching practices and plans based on the mathematics of his students. Second, he would always attempt to learn what is the best environment for his students to learn in. Finally, he will strive to develop lessons in which students get an opportunity to become experimenters, pattern sniffers, describers, inventors, conjecturers, and guessers.